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Officers of the Geary 18 International Yacht Racing Association for the year 2015

Commodore		Jessica Randle
Vice Commodore Mitch Schroeder
Rear Commodore Scott Randle
Secretary/Treasurer Chris Knudson
Chief Measurer Tom Mills

1-Year Directors Sean Randall and Robert Eckrote
2-Year Directors Colin Jenkins and Dominique Randle
3-Year Directors Thad Vencent and Darin O'bryan
Executive Secretary Debra Eckrote
Tell-Tale Editor Shannon Randle

Annual Membership in the Association is $40. If your boat is not registered with the Association or if the registration has not been transferred to your name, add a $20 registration/transfer fee to your dues. By joining you will receive by return mail your kit containing:
  • Handbook of By-Laws
  • Rules & Specifications
  • A set of plans
  • Membership card
  • Longboat decal
  • Embroidered emblem
Geary International Yacht Racing Association
P.O. Box 4763
Federal Way, WA 98063-4763

Questions? e-mail: Debbie Eckrote