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History Gallery The Beginning of the Geary 18


In January, 1928, members of the Seattle Yacht Club saw the need for an inexpensive sailing class to create interest on the part of the younger generation. A request for plans went out and after much discussion, the "18' Development Class Flattie," designed by L. E Ted Geary, was adopted and orders for 5 Gearys were placed.

The N.J. Blanchard Boat Company was the first to produce the Geary, ready to race, for $200.00.

History Gallery On October 22, 1935 at the Seattle Yacht Club, the" International Flattie Yacht Racing Association" was formed with Fred Harley as Commodore, Sid Miller as Vice-Commodore and Dick Griffiths as Secretary-Treasurer.

L. E. (Ted) Geary provided $30.00 to secure an International Championship trophy to bear his name. Later it was decided to make a more spectacular trophy than the $30.00 would buy, so a scale model of the Geary was cast in metal and the famous L.E. (Ted) Geary International Flattie Championship trophy was made - the trophy Geary sailors still compete for during the Geary 18 Internationals. This was the beginning, the early years.


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