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Picture Gallery Just-Right Sailboat The boat itself is the ultimate small sailboat -- big enough to carry up to six people for a day sail, or two people for racing.  The Geary 18 is small enough to tow with a compact car and will fit in your garage for winter maintenance.  You can walk around the deck and it won't get tippy like a round-bottomed dinghy.  The class doesn't allow exotic (expensive) sails such as Mylar or spinnakers or radical changes that make boats in some classes obsolete.   Boats built in the 30's can still win the championships and some are still winning today.

Picture Gallery High-Performance Plus On the water, the boat is a delight to sail.   It's fast and responsive. It turns on a dime with it’s broad spade rudder that inserts through a slot in the deck.  In a breeze, it rises up and planes -- an exhilarating ride unlike anything you've experienced before.  And it looks good.   The lines and proportions still look right today, even though designed over 60 years ago.  Ted Geary knew what he was doing.

A trapeze for the crew makes hiking easier and exciting when the wind picks up.  When running downwind a whisker pole holds the jib out. There is a lot that goes into the building and rigging of a Geary 18. Choose from the links below to find detailed information on:

Specifications Mast Sections
Rudder Keeper Boom Vang
Protest Flag Custom Covers


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